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Background Check FAQ

Background Check and Fingerprinting FAQ's

  •     How long will my meeting at MCCS HR take? 

o   Answer: About 5-10 minutes to review paper work and make sure it is complete and to also complete the fingerprinting.

  •      Will my results be shared with my command or other places?  

o   Answer: Absolutely not.  Results are highly confidential and MCCS Human Resources will only inform the MCCS Semper Fit Director if you are not approved to coach.  Human Resources will inform Youth Sports if you are approved to coach.

  •  If I am not approved to coach, how will I be notified?  

o   Answer: The Youth Sports Manager will contact you directly and let you know.

  •    How long will it take for me to find out if I am approved to coach?  

o   Answer:  Approximately one month to get results.  Youth Sports will contact you to inform you of your approved status. Please make sure to plan accordingly to start your season on time!

  •    If I l fail to disclose all information about my record on my paper work, will this disqualify me?  

o   Answer: We ask that you are completely honest and list anything that you can remember that may be on your record.  MCCS HR Director will review your results and make a determination on a case by case basis as to if an prospective coach will be approved or not approved to coach.

  •     Will PMO or local law enforcement be notified of my results?  

o   Answer: PMO or local law enforcement already have your records so our offices will not be notifying these entities. We are simply determining your eligibility to coach Youth Sports.

  •  Do I have to go through this background check and fingerprinting process yearly? 

o   Answer: No, if you are in an approved status to coach after your initial background check and fingerprinting, you are good for five years at which time you will be required to repeat the background check and fingerprinting process again if you desire to continue to coach.

  •   What if I am an approved coach and get transferred to another Marine Base?  

o   Answer: Approved coaches are asked to check out at their current duty stationÃ??Ã?¢??s MCCS Human Resources office and when you check into your next Marine Base, visit the MCCS Human Resources office there to update your background check and fingerprinting record as these results are transferrable from base to base.

  •      Once I am informed that I am approved to coach, what is the next step?  

o   Answer:  A Youth Sports representative will contact you via email to let you know you have been selected to coach within our program and we will notify you of when the required coaches meeting will be.

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